<aside> 🧘 Overall philosophy of Notion: start simple and add complexity as you need.


In Notion, everything can be turned into anything:

  1. Put notes on a page.
  2. When it grows, convert a heading into a subpage and drag-and-drop content inside.
  3. When it grows and you need relations, create a database and move your pages here.
  4. When you realize there's no much left, re-inline pages to simplify the architecture.

Good documentation should be easy to find, to read and to write. Notion helps you with that.

Subpages & databases

Nested pages are the building blocks of Notion. You can link to any page, from any page. Build a wiki within minutes!

Engineering Wiki

Databases are very powerful. People under estimate what they can do. They bring metadata, relations and formulas to pages. With a bit of creativity, you can build complex automated systems with just that!

Meeting Notes

Here's an inline database featuring formulas to create "recurring tasks". To do will show up based on frequency and Last time done.

Recurring Tasks

Useful features of Notion